A Tale of Two Chowhounds (sort of the foundational story of Chowhound)

Eating by the Numbers (my capricious system for rating things on a scale from one to ten which weirdly turns out to have some depth to it).

The Evil That Is Panera (or...Why Adam Smith's Invisible Hand Reaches For Lousy Chow)

Take the Three Food Personality Test!

A Chowhound editorial (which doesn't sound so radical anymore, but represented a fresh viewpoint back when Chowhound first started)

The Sainted Arepa Lady (also: come along on an audio tour (MP3 link))

My Slate diary starts here for "Monday", and continues to "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", and "Friday".

How to Chowhound (from the introduction to "The Eclectic Gourmet's Guide to NYC" published in 1997)

About Chowhounds (from the introduction to "The Chowhound's Guide" series, published by Penguin in 2005)

Really Expensive "Drinks and a Bite" Followed by Thai Food at Blimpies The surreal tale of discovering a Thai restaurant stealthily lurking within a Blimpie's sandwich shop.

Mississippi Barbecue Shack My 1993 NY Press review of the best area barbecue ever, sold out of a shack in a vacant lot in Jamaica, Queens.

Belgian Beer and American Jazz

Cuckoo For Kugel

Lunch at Tony's Mom's House

My pan of a horrendous meal at Tavern on the Green

My Matzoh Brei recipe.

A very trippy dinner ten years ago at the mysterious Dreamaway Lodge. Note that the Lodge is now under new ownership, and completely different

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Artificial Flavors (note: I don't see many people out there predicting where food culture's headed in the next few decades. Let's see if my predictions pan out!)

Cooking a True Spanish Potato Omelet ("Tortilla de Patatas" or "Tortilla Española

My Cookies, My Life My multi-decade obsession with an unexceptional supermarket brand of Italian cookies.

My Quisp Page (including a link to my "Email Exchange With Quisp") is back!

Pat Hammond's fascination with Portuguese perceves

The most ambitious writing project I've ever attempted: a ten week Chow Tour (8000 miles driven, 600 eateries sampled). Here are some of the most entertaining reports:

The Greatest (Chowhounding) Story Ever Told (in rural Kentucky)
36 Sublime Hours in Newfoundland
Madly in Love with Maxine's
The Enchanted Misty Mountain of Tea and Excrement
Chow Tour Redux (or, Lots and Lots of Millet) (thinking back on What It All Meant)
Vacation Tamales (incredible tamale place in Puerto Vallarta)

An account I wrote for the Toronto Star, of a particularly amazing day.

A photo essay of a trip I took to Tucson with Chowhound co-founder Bob Okumura. It's quite old at this point, but people still request it...

El Paso to Silver City: A Make-Do Romp Through a Desert of Chow

I'll add more...meanwhile, feel free to mail suggestions.

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