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Eat Everywhere is an app (for iPhone and Android) that I helped create along with a large, awesome team. It contains literally everything I (and they) know about "ethnic" dining. To be frank, I kind of hate it that anyone can have the totality of my decades of hard-won know-how on their damned phone for a lousy five bucks. In fact, don't buy it. Better to learn this stuff like I did...the hard way!

I'll eventually add a bio. Meanwhile, here, at least, is a terse writing resume and a bibliography.

Some articles I’ve written (a good place to start).

Visit my Slog to follow my latest thoughts and schemes. I've indexed some of the more popular postings on the left side. Some people say they've gotten mileage out of my thoughts on depression.

"Bubbles, Slogs, and Selling Out" is the harrowing, surreal, hilarious tale of selling my web site, to a major corporation. It's full of hard-won insights about corporations, creativity, and the unexpected perils of having your labor-of-love blow up into a sensation. Other entrepreneurs tell me this is the best account they've read of what it's really like.

My Twitter and Facebook pages mostly serve to announce new Slog postings.

Read through the reports from my insane Chow Tour (8000 miles driven, 600 eateries sampled). Don’t miss the slide show!

"The Enigma of Von's Magical Cookies" is my short, primitive film trying to hone in on the essential question: how does quality get into things? The enigmatic Von Bair reveals that he uses crap ingredients from a crap recipe to make the best cookies in the world.

A list of early press quote excerpts about

My Glossaries of Filipino and Oaxacan food.

My weirdo DVD collection, mostly bought used or at close-out sales.

Note that none of the text on that page was written by me ... it’s culled by a (great) program called DVDpedia that catalogs and adds information about DVD collections.

My ancient but still amusing Google Map of Obscure Street food in Eastern Jackson Heights.